"WELSON" Ball Float Valve
"WELSON" Pressure Reducing Valve
"WELSON" Water Tank Connector
"WELSON" Stop Valve
"WELSON" Check Valve
Floor Drain/Waste/Hopper
Gunmetal Fitting
Brass Fitting
Stainless Steel Product
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Wc pan & Urinal Accessories
Ball Valve
has established itself in the sanitary industry for over 45 years now. Our company embodies a strong foundation of design and manufacturing expertise in sanitary ware products such as ball float valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves, water tank connectors and much more. ˇ§WELSONˇ¨ products are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance to the BIRTISH STANDARDSˇ¦s criteria. Many of our products are also verified by professional test labs and are certified by the Hong Kong SAR Water Supplies Department for quality and specification standards. Weˇ¦re proud to work hand in hand with our industry clients to provide product and support in many large projects involving commercial, housing and hotel construction all across Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Our production facilities in Hong Kong and Mainland China are powered by a diverse range of manufacturing technologies and are supported by our finest in-house experts who encompass professional knowledge, technical proficiency and industry experience. We have also established an OEM/ODM department to further facilitate our clients in the design and manufacturing of specialty/one-of-a-kind products. Our in-housing support team can offer flexible, effective and quality solutions should our clients experience any product or technical related issues.